Level 1, 2, and 3 books

Prophesy: Just Do it!

Level 1 Book

Paul encourages all believers to eagerly yearn to prophesy. This book is full of biblical and practical knowledge on prophesy. Each page will challenge the reader to wade a little deeper in this gift. A great read for both beginner and seasoned believers.


Power Evangelism Just do It!

Level 2 Book

An important book to read to grow in the gift of evangelism. It will help train the reader how to share Jesus' message with power and love. The hands-on exercises and real-life testimonies make it applicable to everyday living.

Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

Level 3 Books

A great guide to understanding dreams and visions. This book explains how to biblically interpret both. It includes an extensive list of biblical symbols, colors, numbers, and their meanings. An important tool to have in hand.